Duplicate permission entries

I recently seem to stumble over the problem that some permissions are added twice in the database, which results in the UI failing to load with the following messages:

2020-06-12T07:50:12 [W|app|] Could not create role 'SccManager': ERF73-0602 [Foreman::PermissionMissingException]: some permissions were not found: ["view_scc", "use_scc", "new_scc", "edit_scc", "delete_scc", "sync_scc", :view_scc, :use_scc, :new_scc, :edit_scc, :delete_scc, :sync_scc]
2020-06-12T07:50:12 [E|app|] Cannot continue because some permissions were not found, please run rake db:seed and retry

I have seen this happening with permissions added by foreman_ansible-plugin on foreman-1.24
And recently (foreman-2.0) it seems to be happening with our foreman_scc_manager-plugin (see https://github.com/ATIX-AG/foreman_scc_manager/issues/42).

I have not able to find a reason for that, yet.
Is there something we have to fix/change in the permission-definition in engine.rb?