EL9 support coming soon?

With the release of Red Hat 9 a few days ago, I was wondering how the support for EL9 is coming along in Foreman/Katello? Seen nothing in the client repos yet so I guess there are nothing compiled to test yet. Are there a planned version when the support will be added perhaps?
We basically planned to skip EL8 all together in production (on EL7 now) so would be nice to start the evaluation of EL9 asap.

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Any estimation when katello-host-tools will be available for el9?


“soon”, but for most operations, you shouldn’t need the tools package anymore, package report upload etc is in plain sub-man these days.

Totally agree but some people like to read which errata is missing from a host… and they are getting payed for this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can you expand on what functionality you need from katello-host-tools on EL9? As mentioned, a lot is built in to subscription-manager directly at this point, so we need to understand what the diff in functionality is.

I think errata should work just fine without. IIRC the only feature on EL9 that is not in sub-man is “tracer”.

cc @jeremylenz who will probably know better (btw, this should be documented somewhere, hint hint)

Without katello-host-tools and katello-tools-tracer afaik you can’t see which errata needs to be applied and foreman is not notified after each yum operation.

the only dnf (= el8/9) plugin that is part of k-h-t is tracer: katello-host-tools/src/dnf_plugins at master · Katello/katello-host-tools · GitHub, which would mean it’s also broken on EL8?

Correct, the only reason you’d want katello-host-tools on EL9 is Tracer. Package upload (which allows Katello to calculate errata and package applicability) is covered by sub-man nowadays.

@jeremylenz could be that the facts from sub-man are less than the ones from katello-host-tools? E.g for rhel9 I can’t see the model of the system… the dmi facts are missing completely.
Though I noticed on an Oracle Linux 7.9 machine that the source of the facts it’s also rhsm.

I think tracer is very important for security. In DEB world, most packages restart the services, in the RPM world this is rarely the case. If you manage a hugh amount of system and install security patches you really want to know which services or systems needs a restart. I hope you guys can bring tracer to el9.

It’s packaged and coming with Foreman 3.3 IIUC! thanks @ehelms

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Don’t thank me, thank @evgeni who took the initiative and did all the hard work. The tracker work is here. The 3.3 changes are still being propagated.


I’ve just pushed out the last 3.3-related bits, so 3.3 GA will include EL9 client repos as promised.