Email not working on Foreman 1.20.1

I am trying to configure email alerts on Foreman 1.20.1 whenever host is installed. This does not seem to work. In my other environment however (which is on 1.19), its working flawlessly. My question is if email feature is dropped from 1.20.1 or how do I troubleshoot. (Btw, I am able to send email from command line on foreman master host - using mailx). Another question: Does email is triggered by Foreman proxy (when used) or Foreman master all the time?

Expected outcome:
When a client is installed, it should trigger an email about “Host XYZ is built” as subject line.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data:
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sending mail notifications on host build was not dropped. Looking at the code, seems like you need to be host owner and have notifications enabled to receive them. You can try switching logging to debug and create a host to see if the ‘Failed to send mail’ error and shows up in logs.

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Thanks Ondrej. I forgot to change email id for “administrator/root” account. The moment I changed it, everything started working as expected. Thanks a lot!