Empty The Foreman and Katello repository on client side

I want to install The Foreman External Smart Proxy on separate server.
Repository management for Foreman Smart Proxy is done by The Foreman Server.
Smart proxy server gets corresponding repositories, but there are no packages visible.

  1. Software:
    RHEL 8.8 for The Foreman and The Foreman Smart Proxy
    The Foreman 3.7
    Katello 4.9

  2. Steps to reproduce
    Create Product “Foreman server”
    Add repositories to the product:
    a) Foreman:
    Type: yum
    Upstream URL: Index of /releases/3.7/el8/x86_64
    Verify SSL: Yes
    Unprotected: Yes
    b) Katello:
    Type: yum
    Upstream URL: Index of /katello/4.9/katello/el8/x86_64
    Verify SSL: Yes
    Unprotected: Yes
    Sync repositories
    Create, publish new version and promote content view named “Foreman server” for Production “Lifecycle Environment” with enabled Foreman and Katello repositories
    Create Activation Key with Content view “Foreman server”
    Activate server with RHEL 8.8 with activation key: subscription-manager register --org=“Default_Organization” --activationkey=“Foreman Smart Proxy activation key”
    Check repositories: dnf repolist

Check available packages: dnf clean all && sudo dnf repo-pkgs Default_Organization_Foreman_server_Katello list

  1. Expected result
    Packages from Default_Organization_Foreman_server_Katello repository should be listed

  2. Actual result
    Packages from Default_Organization_Foreman_server_Katello are not listed - the list is empty

  3. Characterization/isolation
    The issue persists with or without GPGKEY configured in The Foreman repositories
    Repository with packages are visible on The Foreman server via web browser: https://<the_foreman_server_fqdn>/pulp/content/Default_Organization/Production/Foreman_server/custom/Foreman_server/Katello/
    The same repository is set on the Client in file /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo

Can you show the output of dnf repolist -v from the proxy?

My best guess, based on your description, is that the packages are filtered because you did not enable the katello:el8 module yet.

You’re also missing the Pulpcore repository and Candlepin repository in your set.

You were right.
I performed “sudo dnf -y module enable katello:el8” and after that foreman packages are visible in repository.