Enable hibernate option for ec2 instances


I am currently successfully creating VMs in aws using the ec2 provider in foreman 2.0.0. Would anyone know if there is the ability to enable hibernation on the instance at all? Or if there is a place I could add the necessary code to?

Thank you for your help.

Foreman uses the fog-aws ruby gem for communication with EC2, so the first step would be to make sure that library supports hibernation. Once that is done, you will likely need to look into the PowerManager service in foreman to add that option on the Foreman side.

Thank you, that’s a great help

Just submitted code for the fog-aws to support hibernation. It is now in release v3.6.6.


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Looking forward to a PR adding this capability in Foreman as well :slight_smile: be sure to take a look at our Contribution guidelines for some tips on setting up your development environment and the processes we use.