“ERF12-0944 [ForemanChef::ProxyException]: Unable to communicate with Chef proxy, 500 Internal Server Error”



Hi Marek,

It works !

I have edited the file “/opt/theforeman/tfm/root/usr/share/gems/gems/foreman_chef-0.6.0/lib/foreman_chef/engine.rb” and commented the line as requested.

I have done a “# katello-service restart” and the new host has been created.
I have deleted it afterwards : this was alos OK.

The import of the Chef environments was also successful.

I have recreated the new host specifying the Chef environement to use and the roles to use too : host creation was OK.

I am now installing it (booting on the iso file I create for this host) and I see a message “Starting package installation process. Error populating transaction, retrying (1/10)” - never seen this message before - so I will now face the next problem :slight_smile: .

But at least I am already one step further …

Thanks a lot !!!

Have a nice end of year.


PS : I will be back on Jan. 8th and proceed with the Foreman/Katello/Chef Proof Of Concept here so if you have suggestions and/or tests you want me to do and if I can help … don’t hesitate.


Hi @Marek_Hulan,

I see that the list of Global Parameters is empty while in the documentation (https://www.theforeman.org/plugins/foreman_chef/0.6/index.html#3.Configuration) it is mentionned that “By default Foreman Chef precreates all parameters for you, you just have to adjust their values. Navigate to Configure -> Global Parameters.”

Any idea why this is so ? And how I could get those parameters in Foreman ?

Thanks and regards.



Thanks for confirming. I hope to reproduce the issue locally with Katello installed as well. Though it’s not clear to me, what exactly is the cause.

Re global parameters, make sure you run foreman-rake db:seed. That should precreate the global params for you. There’s a chance it does not work since some permissions changes in Foreman, if you don’t see these params even after running the seed task, please open a new issue at Overview - Chef - Foreman it should be easy to fix.


Hi @Marek_Hulan,

I’m afraid the foreman-rake db:seed didn’t help : the Global Parameters are still missing.
I have also restarted the services (# katello-service restart) but this didn’t help either.

As I am documenting everything I do I can give you my document (but not publicly in this forum) so that you can check every single step of what I do if you want and if this can help. I will try to find your mail address and send it to you just in case.

Best regards.



Hi @Marek_Hulan,

My document has been sent to your e-Mail address at RedHat.

Best regards.




Are there any news concerning this ?

Best regards.



Thanks for the doc, I received it but I haven’t had a time to review yet. I need to first make foreman_chef compatible with 1.17 so I can do tests in my dev setup.