Errata security updates not available in the "content hosts" overview table


We have deployed foreman 1.16 + katello 3.5 to manage centos7 hosts. We have imported the errata information into katello using the script in

It seems to be working fine but when I go to “hosts >> content hosts” the overview table doesn’t show any security update available. See this screenshot:

But if I click in the black triangle icon I go to the “content host >> errata” and there I can see two available security updates.

If I go to “hosts >> all hosts” I get a message Non-security errata applicable

I have also noticed that the available “package updates” (number 19 in the first screenshot in the “Installable Updates” column) didn’t appear until I did “hosts >> content hosts >> hostname >> errata >> rebuild”

Is this a problem in Katello or with the centos errata that I am importing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

If this is showing up in one spot but not another this leads me to believe its a Katello issue that you’ve hit. Do you mind filing an issue (Foreman) so it can be triaged by the dev team?

Thanks for you help. I have created a new bug report here

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