Error during repo sync-Out of order metadata


Syncing the BaseOS repo of rocky9 results in an error. Error: Parsing interrupted: Out of order metadata

Expected outcome:
Syncing the repository should complete with no errors
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman 3.2.1
Distribution and version:
CentOS Stream 8
Other relevant data:

hammer repository synchronize --id 200 --organization ORG
[.....................................................] [100%]
No content added.
Total steps: 740/1147
Associating Content: 0/0
Downloading Artifacts: 0/0
Downloading Metadata Files: 10/10
Parsed Packages: 730/1137
Error: Parsing interrupted: Out of order metadata: 786010ce275e9a122265d52515eb90784e036bdf68f2ed2d78d1de250016d3f0 vs be8f8f34a444f82e2d057d799e1eaf4c69197efeb1a46ecd2d4cc1a7ea37949f.

How to start investigating this? Where is the metadata located? Which one is the faulty one?


There are inconsistencies between the primary.xml and other.xml (and possibly others). Take the two checksums and look in the primary and other xmls.

Taken from Index of /pub/rocky/9/BaseOS/x86_64/os/repodata/

primary.xml has package with checksum be8f8f34a444f82e2d057d799e1eaf4c69197efeb1a46ecd2d4cc1a7ea37949f:

<package type="rpm">
<version epoch="0" ver="5.14.0" rel="162.12.1.el9_1.0.1"/>
<checksum type="sha256" pkgid="YES">
Python bindings for apps which will manipulate perf events
The python3-perf package contains a module that permits applications written in the Python programming language to use the interface to manipulate perf events.
<packager>Release Engineering <></packager>
<time file="1674758604" build="1674500931"/>
<size package="2077777" installed="391829" archive="392312"/>
<location href="Packages/p/python3-perf-5.14.0-162.12.1.el9_1.0.1.x86_64.rpm"/>

other.xml has pkgid 786010ce275e9a122265d52515eb90784e036bdf68f2ed2d78d1de250016d3f0:

<package pkgid="786010ce275e9a122265d52515eb90784e036bdf68f2ed2d78d1de250016d3f0" name="python3-perf" arch="x86_64">
<version epoch="0" ver="5.14.0" rel="162.12.1.el9_1.0.1"/>

So it seems metadata for the rocky repo 9 is currently broken…

Hey @biuadmin and @gvde

The Rocky Releng team was already made aware of this issue, already working on fixing it :+1:

Good to know. Although the bug is misleading and pointing to an old issue where metadata was reversed. But in this case, as far as I understand, the metadata is actually inconsistent. The same rpm has different checksums in primary.xml and other.xml…

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Yeah it is, thank you for the hint about python3-perf, guess this leads now to a faster resolution :slight_smile:

cheers y’all :slightly_smiling_face:

@gvde @gvde Should be fixed now ^^ :ok_hand: