Error installing Subscription-Manager during provisioning


I have recently started using Foreman with the Katello plugin and im running into a problem. When the new nodes first boot up they are provisioned to pull the Subscription-manager application from the cloud and then install the application and subscribe to my local repos held on Katello. I was wondering if there was a way to make the Subscription-manager package local and that new provisioned hosts will not have to talk to the cloud in order to install the package. My main purpose of using foreman with katello was to lock down my network and only allow one host (My foreman host) to be able to talk to the cloud. If anyone has any ideas to help that would be greatly appreciated.

When Katello is installed, rhsm (subscription-manager) talks to Katello itself instead of Red Hat “cloud”. Registration snippet should install a bootstrap RPM file which will reconfigure rhsm.