Error Kickstart --bondslaves=["eno1", "eno2"]

I setup bond interface for host provisioning, It generat kickstart value like this --bondslaves=[“eno1”, “eno2”].
I check the syntax for this value it shoud be --bondslaves=eno1,eno2.
Here is the link: 27.3. Kickstart Syntax Reference Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 | Red Hat Customer Portal
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When I look at current upstream and 2.4 it looks like it is joined correctly. But 2.3 is lacking this line, so I would backport the line onto my system in your case as upgrading or waiting for an official backport and new release will be more time consuming.

Thanks very much.

This is Bug #31631: Booting to anaconda with bond configured run into timeout - Foreman or Bug #31626: bondslaves in kickstart kernel options should be string not list - Foreman which were indeed only fixed in 2.4.0.
I pulled both change to the 2.3 stable branch, so they will be included in 2.3.4 when it is released but there is no release date planned yet.