Error when importing Ansible Roles on Ubuntu 16.04, Foreman 1.20.1

Importing ansible roles in foreman results in an error
stack trace is here:

Expected outcome:
Ansible roles are imported without error

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman: 1.20.1, Ansible Proxy: 2.0.3, Ansible Plugin: 2.2.9

This looks very similar to this known bug

looks that that fix is in 2.2.11 according to this, the other link says it should be in 2.3.0, which neither are on the Ubuntu repo.

That’s right - looks like 2.3.1 is queued up for the next release (in the nightly repo now)

Is that coming out with the 1.21 foreman release? Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the release schedule, when can I expect it to be released?

Sorry I’m just a user in the community and not a developer so I can’t say for sure but looking at the current 1.21 repo (which is RC4) - it currently has 2.2.9 so I’d say this fix would be more be much more likely to be a 1.22 item.

The current schedule for 1.22 is here but obviously is subject to change.

I manually updated the gem for foreman_ansible to version 2.2.11, and the error went away. Can we please get a deb out for that release?

2.3.1 should be available with 1.21 if makes it in

When is 1.21 expected to be GA?