Error when installing operating system: /dev/root does not exit

Problem: When I installing operating system ,report errors:/dev/root does not exit .I guss it may be cannot find file “ks” .
I manually modified the file corresponding to the MAC address of the host where the operating system is installed in the pxelinux.0 directory. That is, “kickstart default pxelinux template”.Put "ks=https://hostname ” in the file Modify it to the corresponding IP address, rebuild it again, and the error message disappears. What is the reason for this problem?
And the installation will be repeated when the operating system is installed.What is the reason?
Expected outcome:
It can be installed normally without modifying the configuration file
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

What kind of machine are you provisioning? Virtual machine? If so on which hypervisor?
Which operating system?

If you deploy correct in the pxelinux.0 directory on your foreman a pxelinux-file with the name of the macadress should exist - if that doesn’t exist it switches to the default.
If that pxelinux file with the macadress in the name is not created you probably did not configure the correct pxelinux-template in the operating system or you have issues with your template.

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It’s a virtual machine. operating system is centos .I found a pxelinux-file with the name of the macadress. In that file, I changed the hostname of the host where KS = foreman is installed into the corresponding IP address

So maybe your problem is only that you have no DNS or the new host has other problems to resolve the foremans hostname?

Sorry,I don’t understand what you mean .you mean I don’t have dns ?
But why can the system recognize it when I change the host name to the corresponding IP

so when your new host is able to perform the kickstart installation after you change the hostname to the ip-adress your host cannot resolve the hostname of your foreman, so probably the deployed host misses the dns-configuration or the dns cannot resolve the foreman - or the dnsconfiguration in the templates is wrong

OK ! I understand .How can DNS be set to resolve host names.

if you have a working DNS, which can resolve the foreman - than you should put the IP of this dns-server in the settings of the subnet in which you deploy your new host.


OK ! thank you!

I find this problem is DNS setting problem. Now, after the DNS domain name is resolved and the IP is modified, the system is installed again. It is found that the error curl (22) the requested URL returned error: 404 not found.

you get the 404-error when the installation tries to get the kickstart file? or at which step?
Is your foreman configured as template-proxy in your subnet?

yes! 404 occurs when the installer attempts to get the kickstart file.

if you go on the hosts page to your deployed host and select to review the provisioning template, does it render your kickstart-template?
If not you have a problem in your template.
If you do not have a provisioning template, the template has to be configured in the operating system.
If you get the correct template, it is still something networkrelated.

OK ! The problem is solved. I forgot to click rebuild.Thank you!