[event] Deep Dive - Debbuging Slow SQL with Chris Duryee - today, 3.30pm BST

Hi all,

(apologies for the cross-post)

We'll be having another episode of our regular Deep Dive series today, and
in this one, Chris Duryee (beav) will be taking us through the nitty-gritty
of debugging slow SQL. You can watch the show at
https://plus.google.com/events/c5q4rs8vnjkq1tjhd3j4i0ihmhc and Chris sends
this abstract:

> Have you ever seen this dreaded message in your production.log?
> Completed 200 OK in 370053ms (Views: 29.8ms | ActiveRecord: 37007.0ms)
> One of the reasons this can happen is from slow SQL statements. In this
> 30 minute tutorial, I will explain the steps needed to go from "hey this
> is slow" through assembling all the data listed in
> https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Slow_Query_Questions.
> I'm by no means a database expert, but I found that being able to
> assemble and examine the explain plan can make working with a developer
> or database expert very productive.
> This tutorial is primarily for advanced users and developers, but anyone
> is welcome to attend.

Sorry for the short notice on this - I put it up on our events page,
Twitter and G+ and totally forget to send an email here. More automation