[event] Deep Dive on Webpack, today at 1pm UK time

Hi all,

Fresh back from vacation, and straight into the action :slight_smile: Sorry for the
short notice then, but we felt it was important to get this out there - it
will of course be recorded if you can't watch live.

Tomer and I will be looking into the Webpack changes in core, what the
implications are, how to use it, etc.

The event location is here -

See you later on!

路路路 -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

For those who missed it, the recording is at

There's an issue with the screen sharing for a couple of minutes from 7
mins in, but we re-capped that section again at the end of the show (around
26:30) if you really want to see that.


路路路 -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen