[Event] Deep Dive - React / JS / UI - 11.30 GMT Wed 2nd Nov

Hi all,

Next week, 2nd Nov, 11.30am GMT, Ohad and Gail will hold a deep dive into
the React and JS updates to Foreman core. We will have a very basic
introduction to ReactJS [1] and how it is currently used in Foreman, as
well as a wider discussion about the Foreman UI and where it could be

Come to this deep dive if you are interested in:

  • UX improvement in Foreman
  • JavaScript / client side future of Foreman
  • want to understand what React is

As ever, questions and feedback will be welcome during the show, either on
IRC (#theforeman <https://www.youtube.com/results?q=%23theforeman>) or via
the YouTube Live chat.


ยทยทยท -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen