[Event] Foreman Deep Dive - Flux + Redux overview - 1st March 2pm

Hi all,

The next Foreman Deep Dive has been scheduled for Wed 1st March, at 2pm. You
can join us live (or later) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2XkAepFaYI

In this Deep Dive Matan Werbner will be joining us for another session on
UI technologies. Redux is an opinionated state container library, that is
built on the foundations of functional programming. It allows our UI to be
predictable, maintainable and highly testable.

If you are interested in making your code more readable and maintainable, and
to have an opinionated, well defined, data flow, join us! This talk requires
no previous knowledge of redux, react, or anything except basic JS chops
(ES6). We will go over the motivation, and the concepts behind flux, and later
dive in to real-world implementation using redux in our foreman app!


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