[Event] Foreman Deep Dive - Recent Smart Proxy Core changes - Wed 2pm (UK) 27th Aprl

Hi all,

Another Deep Dive has been scheduled for Wed 27th Apr - Dmitri Dolguikh
(witlessb) will be giving us a look at recent changes to the smart-proxy
core, using the changes to the puppet_proxy module needed for Puppet 4
support as an illustration. Watch live to join in with the Q&A app, or ask
questions via IRC (#theforeman).

Google Event URL: https://plus.google.com/events/c44veui5ml9suv1e1tppnal0m78

You can also find the event on our new events calendar:

As ever, do join us live if you'd like to ask questions, and the recording
will be on YouTube afterwards.


ยทยทยท -- Community Lead IRC: gwmngilfen

This Deep Dive just concluded, and the recording is now live - you can
catch it at https://youtu.be/Bwv8nU_-L5c

The dive covers changes being proposed in these PRs - if you have an
interest, do check them out and comment!

As ever, questions can be directed here, on IRC (#theforeman) or in the
YouTube comments. Thanks for watching!