[event] Next Case Study - AWS, Goverment, and Consulting with Matt Darcy - 2pm 14th July

Hi all

The next installment of the Case Study has been confirmed, and will be
happening on Thurs 14th July, at 2pm BST [1]

In this episode, we'll be chatting with Matt Darcy (ikonia on IRC), a
UK-based consultant. We'll be discussing the interesting work around
implementing Foreman for governments, the experience he's had using our AWS
support, and the usual Foreman chitchat.

As ever, do feel free to get involved live via the Q&A app, on Twitter
(#theforeman / @ForemanProject), or on IRC (#theforeman on Freenode)

[1] https://plus.google.com/events/c9h74aq4a61usucq5hlgm6femds


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