External Puppet Enterprise server integration

I am working in an environment where I need to pxe boot a bunch of servers. So far foreman is pxe booting test servers I have and working great.

We also have an external Puppet Enterprise, which I think has a puppet CA built in. (I’m new to puppet and foreman). We also have an external infoblox that is doing dhcp/dns.

At the moment I can’t seem to find any detailed documentation on exactly what steps I need to do to integrate with an external puppet enterprise server.

Do I setup the foreman just with the default install commands, but then adjust the templates to point servers to our existing puppet enterprise server from within kickstart or AutoInstall/cloud-init, or is there a better approach to integrating the foreman with an external puppet enterprise server?

Expected outcome:

I need the servers to end up ideally registered in both foreman and the external puppet enterprise server. I don’t necessarily need integration with the infoblox but maybe would like to enable that at a later date.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

3.4.1. The operating systems are all EL7, EL8 or Ubuntu 18 or newer.

It depends on what kind of integration you are trying to get. If your only goal is to have the clients register to the puppetmaster from Puppet Enterprise, it should be enough to adjust the kickstart/autoinstall/whatever scripts to point to your puppetmaster. If you want to add more integration (ENC from Foreman, reports/facts sent to Foreman, etc) you will have to take additional steps which are probably not very well tested or documented. Searching “Puppet Enterprise” here on the forum might give you some help, but a lot of threads regarding that topic went pretty stale.

On a side-node, if you want to integrate your Foreman with Infoblox, take a look at GitHub - theforeman/smart_proxy_dhcp_infoblox: foreman smart proxy for dhcp w/ infoblox and GitHub - theforeman/smart_proxy_dns_infoblox.

Thanks for the links.

It would be nice to have the additional integration ( ENC from Foreman, reports/facts sent to Foreman, etc).

If anyone is able to share the exact steps for this it would be appreciated