Failed to add vsphere 7.0 compute resource on katello 3.17

I freshly install katello 3.17 on centos 7.9 in my testlab and run into this issue.
Anyone able to add vcenter 7.0 as computer resource ?

Not able to get vsphere 7.0 DataCenter added after successful test connection

Expected outcome:
be able to add vsphere 7.0 farm into katello 3.17.
Foreman and Proxy versions:
latest foreman and proxy as of 12/10/2020
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
latest foreman and proxy plugins as of 12/10/2020
Distribution and version:
[root@foreman ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)
[root@foreman ~]#

Other relevant data:


Yes, I have it up and running here. Same versions as you have.

A few things which might be different:

  • I created a dedicated account for Foreman, not using administrator.
  • vCenter is on release 7.0.1. Did not upgrade to 7.0.1a yet.
  • I have a little “Test connection” button next to the password, does that work?

@rbremer, Thanks for the response.

There is no such “Test connection” button in 3.17, instead I clicked on “Load Datacenter” to trigger test connection as shown below.

I will try to create local account for katello connection for another test.

I tried local root account for katello to connect to vc02.test.lan but still not able to load Datacenter after seeing test connection OK.
Did I miss some steps in R1 ?

R1: Foreman :: Manual

Creating “foreman@vsphere.local” account didn’t help either. Still not able to load “Datacenter”

What edition of vCenter do you have, Standard or Foundation?

And what is the license level of the ESXi hosts?

Looks like the “Test connection” button only appears after a successful save of the compute resource.

  • vCenter(vSphere) version)

I see, button name changed to “test connection” from “load datacenter” after 1st successful connection.

We are on Standard here, so your ESXi license is even higher. vCenter is identical, I can’t really see any other difference.
I think you need somebody from the VMware plugin team here, to help you further.

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