Failed to upgrade from Foreman 2.5 to 3.0

hi all,

Im upgrading foreman from 2.5 to 3.0.

I get below error:

#:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# foreman-installer --noop --verbose
2022-08-04 11:52:59 [NOTICE] [root] Loading installer configuration. This will take some time.
2022-08-04 11:53:15 [NOTICE] [root] Running installer with log based terminal output at level NOTICE.
2022-08-04 11:53:15 [NOTICE] [root] Use -l to set the terminal output log level to ERROR, WARN, NOTICE, INFO, or DEBUG. See --full-help for definitions.
2022-08-04 11:53:19 [ERROR ] [root] Parameter foreman-proxy-dhcp-option-domain invalid: Elements of the array are invalid: nil is not a valid string
Error during configuration, exiting

Hi. How does the option look like? Most likely you must give a list of domain names enclosed in brackets. See “foreman-installer --scenario katello --help | grep proxy-dhcp”


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thanks for your answer @hjb
I use puppet so I can user foreman-installer --scenario puppet --help | grep proxy-dhcp

There is no scenario puppet. Just run foreman-installer

# foreman-installer --help 

or even

# foreman-installer --full-help 

In your case, running foreman-installer with --reset-foreman-proxy-dhcp-option-domain should reset the option to it’s default value, which should be ([""]) with your domain instead.

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thank you so much @gvde it works now.

its possible to get those informations from foreman-installer e.g. I want to see all configuration on command line ?

thank you again

No. The information is stored in the answer file for the selected scenario, e.g. /etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/katello-answers.yaml for katello.

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thank you @gvde and for puppet its in: /etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/foreman-answers.yaml