Failed upgrade-check. 147 tasks running

I am on step one of the upgrade process to upgrade Katello, ‘foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check’ and I’m getting this error:

Checking for running tasks…
[FAIL] - There are 147 active tasks.
Please wait for these to complete or cancel them from the Monitor tab.

I confirmed through the UI and saw 20 running tasks and 127 paused tasks. Is there a way I can do a mass purge of these tasks so I can get through to the next step of the upgrade check?


Forgot to Mention: I am running Katello 3.7 on CentOS 7.4.


Anyone have any ideas? Still having this issue.

Using foreman-rake foreman_tasks:cleanup:run cleans out tasks. There are options here for what environment variables can be used to alter what tasks are deleted. For example,

TASK_SEARCH="*" AFTER=0d STATES="paused" foreman-rake foreman_tasks:cleanup:run
should delete all tasks that are paused.

Thanks! That helped. However I am still showing 9 running tasks when running the upgrade check.

When I go go to Tasks in the Foreman UI, I see no paused tasks and two running tasks. I also have 9 scheduled tasks, that I can’t seem to terminate. Any thoughts?

Discovered these other 9 tasks were scheduled tasks. Removed those as well.

Glad you were able to remove the tasks. Is it still complaining about running tasks?

Nope. Everything is working now. Thank you.