Featutre request: Add action for discovered hosts: Enable SSH

This is probably not so hard to implement, but it would be very helpfull.
Often, i must login to fdi via ssh, so i must enable SSH on FDI console and set root password.

I am not comfortable to do this via kernel option (fdi.ssh=1 fdi.rootpw=redhat), because password is visible in plain text, and i am dealing with fdi booting on public IP adresses, and sometimes i have lots of them in discovered status. Action in foreman GUI would be much nicer, it would allow me to easily put specific password for specific discovered hosts (and not for all of them).

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You can encrypt your root password easily as stated in our documentation:


It’s the Linux standard crypt format, if FDI sees $ as the first character it passes the string to chpasswd -e. To generate encrypted passwords I wrote a nifty utility a year ago:


I do not see how you want Foreman to securely set root password remotely. Like an (open) REST HTTP(s) API call? That’s not too secure :slight_smile:

A good enough and encrypted password is probably the strongest thing you can do at the moment.

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