Federated (External) Logins redirect to /hosts and not dashboard

We are configuring OIDC authentication using /users/extlogin on foreman 3.3.0

Authentication and Authorization are working “great” - and our users can hit /users/extlogin and authenticate and authorize fine using our IDP.

Our issue is that upon doing so - the first page they see when handed back to foreman is the “hosts” page at /hosts

Flipping back to LDAP logins and they again see the “Dashboard” instead of /hosts

We wnat our uses to see the dashboard upon login, not the /host list. Is there anyway to control, direct, or enforce this? Is there a reason that external authentication is behaving differently after login?

It seems like the single sign-on is not fully configured. The /user/login and /user/extlogin path direct to the /hosts page if accessed directly. This is reproduceable if one directly accesses either login page without being redirected.

To end up on the “Dashboards” page the user has to be redirected from / to the relevant login page then back into Foreman. Is Authorize login delegation set to yes? This will change the login page over to the external login flow.