File repo failed foreman 2.2 rc3 , Katello 3.17 with warning

404, message=‘Not Found’, url=URL(‘’)

I select new repo as file

foreman 2.2 rc3 , Katello 3.17

is there any bug in it ?

File repos are used for:

  • Uploading arbitrary files and hosting them in katello
  • syncing specially crafted repos that contain a PULP_MANIFEST file

You can’t just sync any arbitrary directory of files. Does that help?

thank you , but I don’t understand I just need to sync below folder its not some specialise structure but
it return above error and pulp manifest

404, message=‘Not Found’, url=URL(‘’)

Its not possible to sync that directory because its just a directory of files. You can download them and upload them to the katello server into a file repository, but you won’t be able to sync it directly.

understood , thank you for your support.