Foreaman Proxy for External DNS & DHCP Server

Hi All,

Myself configured with foreman,puppet,puppetca &tftp,
want to integrate external working dhcp and dns server with foreman.

Getting an error while installing smart proxy with following steps, please

  1. Installed foreman-installer
  2. copied 3 ssl certificates from foreman server to
  3. running following command.

/Stage[main]/Foreman_proxy::Service/Service[foreman-proxy]/ensure: change
from stopped to running failed: Could not start Service[foreman-proxy]:
Execution of '/sbin/service foreman-proxy start' returned 1: at
/Stage[main]/Dns::Service/Service[named]/ensure: change from stopped to
running failed: Could not start Service[named]: Execution of '/sbin/service
named start' returned 2: at
Installing Done
Something went wrong! Check the log for ERROR-level output
The full log is at /var/log/foreman-installer/foreman-installer.log

[root@dhcp-dns ~]# /etc/init.d/foreman-proxy start
Starting foreman-proxy: Unable to access the SSL keys. Are the values
correct in settings.yml and do permissions allow reading?: Permission
denied - /var/lib/puppet/ssl/private_keys/

[root@dhcp-dns ~]# ll -d
-rw-------. 1 puppet puppet 887 Nov 12 07:57
[root@dhcp-dns ~]# chmod 640
[root@dhcp-dns ~]# /etc/init.d/foreman-proxy start
Starting foreman-proxy: [ OK ]

While adding proxy,getting following error in browser. Please help

Unable to save
Unable to communicate with the proxy: getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in
name resolution
Please check the proxy is configured and running on the host.

Mahesh K