Foreman 1.0.1 Released

Hi All,

I'm happy to release another version of foreman, this time, a bit less

This is a maintenance release for 1.0 version, that contain only the
following bugs fixes:

Bug #1543: Imported host, could not edit host as domain was not set.
Bug #1750: Editor adds a spare at line 1 character position 1 when editing
an existing template
Bug #1778: Provisioning Templates editor does not save
Bug #1780: EPEL snippet broken
Bug #1781: clone host can fail
Bug #1783: Default template set generates incorrect snippet names if
snippet name uses underscore
Bug #1789: Parent hostgroup name is truncated when its sub-group is a
sub-string of the parent hostgroup name
Bug #1792: json output of groups gone with v1.
Bug #1793: Better handle case when a domain has no DNS proxy set

Have fun,