Foreman 1.0 and VMware vCenter

> Hi,
> i added a ESXi 5.0 Host without any Problems, but when i add a vCenter 5.0.1 so i get a infinite loop and loading.
> i dont know whats wrong. i would send a bug report or log but nothing will be logged because its always loading but with no error.
> is there anything known about vcenter and foreman?
> thanks
> Sven

The current VMware "support" is not fully functional. I did some
testing and there are a few issues.

  1. Authentication doesn't work, and appears to require a .fog file. We
    need to integrate authentication into the UI.
  2. The model for the attributes and fields in vcenter don't seem to
    have a matching model and view in foreman's code.

Best as I can tell is that VMware support is a "WIP" (Work in
Progress), that needs someone familiar with VMWare and Rails to flesh
it out. I suspect for an experienced dev this is a week of work or two
of work to get functional, but part of the issue is that the most
experienced Foreman devs don't have access to VMWare test


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