Foreman 1.11 out, and 1.12 schedule

Hi all,

Foreman 1.11.0 was released today, thanks to everybody involved. I think
it's a surprisingly solid release, despite large amounts of change -
well done. It was also exactly on schedule!

I do expect to see bug reports start coming in over the next few days
and weeks, but currently the list is empty. You can find it at
Open 1.11.4 tickets - Foreman for
tickets are assigned to 1.11.1. Please monitor that list or Redmine and
help out where you can.

With one major release done, I've updated the schedule for Foreman 1.12
with the usual three month spacing:
Foreman 112 Schedule - Foreman.
This puts the release of 1.12.0 at the start of July, and branching to
1.12-stable in mid-May. This means about 6 weeks of development time
remains before branching, and so far we have 67 closed tickets in the


ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal