Foreman 1.16.2: Any candidates?


It’s been a while and I’ve seen a few errors in 1.16.1 that have affected your installations severely (if you use VMWare/oVirt), apologies for that.

Currently we have a few fixes in the branch :

– added since the post was opened:
– end

and also an update to rubygem-fog-vsphere to 2.1.1 (thanks @Bernhard_Suttner) (

We don’t have anything else marked on redmine:

If you know any more issues that should be in 1.16.2 please add them to this thread. You may also clone issues in Redmine supposed to be fixed in 1.17.2, set the Release field to 1.16.2 on the cloned version and link them. This is just a workaround as we don’t have the ability to have 2 release fields on Redmine issues.

If this post does not get any new issues by June 1st, I will start moving the release through the pipeline.

Thank you all! :bowing_man:


As with the 1.17 thread, I’ve made the first post a wiki, so issues can be grouped there.

Thanks, can only admins do it? I didn’t see the option when submitting the post.

It’s after creation, it the post options menu. Here’s a shot.



Currently only Trust Level 3+ can make wikis, but we don’t have many of those yet (the requirements for TL3 are pretty harsh :stuck_out_tongue:). I’ve just dropped it to level 2 for now, so check again to see if you have the option.

No more cherry-picks were requested other than Bug #23752: VMWare allow save vm w/o size_gb attr (1.16.2) - Foreman

I’ll start the release.

This release is currently stalled on

The environment seems to have a Gemfile.lock for Foreman that’s forcing Rails 5.1 to be installed. This is not compatible with 1.16.2 which is supposed to be Rails 4.2, so it fails to bundle install and the tarball can’t be created.


I have no access to see if it was propagated to the Jenkins slaves directly, but unfortunately the job is still failing at the same step

Attempt number 2:


Success @ekohl++

And now we’re waiting for:

PRs merged -

I’m signing the RPMs and will start release_test as soon as that’s finished.

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Testing passed for Ubuntu/Debian, however CentOS failed.

The reason is that it cannot find the Rails repos at (I can see a similar URL for 1.17 and 1.18 exist)

@infra @packaging Could this be related to this change in -infra?

Repoclosure failed because puppet-agent was not available to the job

@packaging @infra ^ Anyone knows what happened to the Puppet repo path in 1.16?

We started to rely on the repoclosure files inside the git repo rather than in the Jenkins job. Turns out that was still pointing to Puppet 3. has been applied.

Thanks - that helped!

@ehelms also made some changes to the job to run it just once with release_test. So in case anyone wants to run release_test, check the job changes history and roll it back to include ehelms change to find the Rails repo.

Nevertheless, is failing (consistently) on CentOS. For some reason the proxy cannot be registered, however on Ubuntu/debs it’s able to register just fine…,os=centos7/consoleFull