Foreman 1.16 branching update

Hi everyone,

As you probably have noticed, 1.16 release candidates have not been
released on time. This happened because of many things, particularly
that we had broken nightlies for around 2 weeks when we were supposed to

That was solved, but now we're experiencing intermittent failures in the
Katello test matrix.

Additionally EPEL removing http-parser-devel broke nightlies

and fog 1.41 needs to be updated too

Other than that, I am missing permissions to do steps 2 and 3 on the
Koji servers (section Package build systems in
The rest of the process is already done (copying tags, cloning Debian
repos using freight, updating jobs, etc…)

There is no dynflow executor deployed with 1.16 or nightlies yet, so

would have to get in before the first RC release. Branching could happen
without these being merged though. If you know other issues that are
bound to happen if some PR is not merged by the RC, please raise it in
this thread to ensure we pay attention to it.

Best regards, sorry for the delay - it's all in the name of stability and
a solid release :slight_smile:

··· -- Daniel Lobato Garcia