Foreman 1.17.3 has been released

Foreman 1.17.3 is now available, big thanks to everyone who contributed. We decided to go directly from 1.17.1 to 1.17.3, because in the middle of 1.17.2 packaging, we found out that VMWare was completely broken. After fixing it, we chose to bump the version to avoid caching problems with stale packages.

1.17.3 contains the following fixes:

Fixes #23909 - vsphere: prefer network search by key
Fixes #24355 - Never override a smart class parameter on import
Fixes #23382 - Hashes in arrays are shown properly on ENC
Fixes #23782 - restore login disabling
Fixes #23621 - passwords can be md5 hashed
Fixes #23818 - Update fog-openstack to save OpenStack OSP 12
Fixes #19990 - VMWare allow save vm w/o size_gb attr
Fixes #22983, #22010 - ignore persistence authz for relations
Fixes #23679 - Nil error in migrate_template_to_parameters_macros
Fixes #23608 - Only calculate lookup values once

Installation quick start:

Upgrade instructions:

Release notes:

Lastly, do take note of the upgrade warnings and deprecations in this

Packages may be found in the 1.17 directories on both and, and tarballs are on

The GPG key used for RPMs and tarballs has the following fingerprint:
B59D DB6C AB83 5E19 14DE 4725 F5F9 54D9 2A8C A27B