Foreman 1.17 and oVirt v3


I’ve seen a lot of things done to support oVirt APIv4 in Foreman 1.17. I am wondering, can I sill use Foreman with oVirt API v3 after I upgrade from 1.16? (I know it is EOL, but I cannot upgrade currently…)


I think @Ori_Rabin will have more details, but I do know that we will support API V3 for a while. In later versions you will be able to select your API version.

oVirt API v3 is still supported in Foreman 1.17 and will also be there at least for 1.18.
In 1.18 there will be an option to select API v4, the default will still be v3 for now.
1.17 does not have support for API v4.

@Shimon_Shtein, @Ori_Rabin - thanks for the clarification and good to know I can upgrade to 1.17 now.