Foreman 1.17 - goferd on clients

No installable updates/erata available

Various of the above should be available for install.

Does goferd need to be running continuously on clients? Reason I ask is that I have a number of clients that have no installable updates available within Foreman.

What I’ve noticed is that when goferd is stopped that functionality then works?

Netstat from the Foreman box attached.

netstat -plant | grep 5647
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 57229/qdrouterd
tcp 0 0 <foreman_IP>:5647 <foreman_IP>:48388 ESTABLISHED 57229/qdrouterd
tcp 0 0 <foreman_IP>:48388 <foreman_IP>:5647 ESTABLISHED 58514/python

Some servers in our environment got strict firewall rules including katellog-agent / goferd. Those machines are not communicating with the Foreman server and the only things we are missing are the status reports about errata etc.

Additionally we noticed that goferd is reporting immediately after starting. So if you don’t want to run goferd continuously it should be fine.