Foreman 1.18.1 has been released

Foreman 1.18.1 is now available, big thanks to everyone who contributed.

Installation quick start:

Upgrade instructions:

Release notes:

Lastly, do take note of the upgrade warnings and deprecations in this

Packages may be found in the 1.18 directories on both and, and tarballs are on

The GPG key used for RPMs and tarballs has the following fingerprint:
6973 3EEC D1AE 1E23 71FA 04EA 4C3D D0B3 57CE F41F

The following fixes were added:
#23486 - remove js warnings when a modal opens
#24473 - Return other OS when oVirt os is not found
#23117 - ovirt_ostype host param selects type
#23909 - vsphere: prefer network search by key
#24125 - Show error when libvirt not reachable
#24350 - Adjust puppet_interval to include grace time
#24298 - Some audits show ‘Missing ID’ instead of name
#23373 - Fix host dissociation when updating host
#24320 - stop dropping vmware fields
#24355 - Never override a smart class parameter on import
#24257 - load all reports and audits in tasks
#23291 - fixes double appending of /unattended to proxy url
#23254 - Utilize webmock to prevent network connection

There was a dependency on nodejs-react-debounce-input for foreman.rpm created by mistake in 1.18.0. It is now removed, but the fix does not uninstall it from existing systems.