Foreman 1.18 Release

This one was merged few moments ago too.

I started looking into this. I think we should fix more instances of the same problem but I expect to have it ready during today/tomorrow.

I have a fix for report metrics:

The current blocker in nightlies is that we need a new smart_proxy_dynflow_core release that’s compatible with dynflow 1.0.0.

smart_proxy_dynflow_core-0.2.0 was just released and pushed into rubygems and packaging PRs are opened

That’s merged, but could you also do a release of smart_proxy_dynflow? They’re tightly coupled and need to be the same version.

With that done, there’s now only

  • foreman_ansible needs dynfow < 0.9 while 1.0.0 is packaged
  • smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh needs smart_proxy_dynflow < 0.2 while 0.2.0 is packaged

I’ve just announced Katello 3.7 branching[1] and wanted to cross-link these posts since we are basing on Foreman 1.18

Please update [1] if there are going to be any Foreman changes that will affect us.

[1] Katello 3.7 branching in 2 weeks

We have just released fog-vsphere 2.1.0, that fixes cloning with VMWare VMs. The current fog-vsphere version in Foreman 1.17 is affected by a bug that completely breaks VM cloning. I’ve filed a PR in Foreman to bump the version and will also open PRs for packaging. Can we include the new release in 1.17?

Did you mean to ask if it could be included in 1.18? I don’t see why not. Seems like a small, important fix but let me know if I am missing how it might impact Katello.

Yes, sorry. We actually should include the fix both in 1.17 and 1.18. I don’t think this should impact Katello in any way.

Both have been resolved and promoted to nightly.

I just merged to vsphere bump to core, leaving it to @Ondrej_Prazak to decide regarding 1.17 branch.

Works for me!

I have just created 1.18-stable branch in foreman repository. I did not bump the version in develop, so that Jenkins does not pick up on it. There are still 2 items that we need to get into 1.18.

I am putting together a release notes for 1.18, current status can be seen at:

My questions are:

  • Do you have any candidates that should be in headline features and aren’t?

  • Are there any upgrade warnings that should be mentioned?


There are currently several plugins that are known to be incompatible with 1.18, see the discussion in this thread for details.

Are there any other know issues that should be mentioned in docs?

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I started looking at fixes that should land in RC2. So far, there are the following PRs opened:

If there is anything that you would like to see in RC2, please open a PR against 1.18-stable. I would prefer to have the fixes merged this week so that we can stick to the planned schedule of 2 weeks between the RCs.

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Has RC1 already gone out? I haven’t seen any kind of announcement, here or on IRC. I see packages in from Friday, but nothing “offical” :slight_smile:

The official announcement has not been made yet, but the packages are in repositories and I have the docs ready:

but if you are eager to test you can go ahead :slight_smile:

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There is a couple of issues that are still opened and had 1.18 release set. They are not critical, but it would be great if we could get them into 1.18 to make it easier for downstream. They are:

All of them have opened PRs and seem close to be merged. I would like to tag repos and start a pipeline tomorrow, so whatever is cherry-picked by that time gets in, but I do not intent to wait since none of these are blockers.