Foreman 1.23.0 installs puppet agent 3.6?

The diff is just a shortened view. You can see it has line numbers and otherwise a search should also be an option.

I’d also have a look at the complete rendered kickstart. That should tell you whether the correct repositories are being added.

Sorry not helpful. Can someone please post th puppet section of the template with the patch added?


To be honest, you are being extremely lazy now. It is not hard to go to the repository and look at the current files. There is a big Browse files button and under ... there’s a View file link.

To be honest poor documentation is extremely lazy …

I was experiencing the same issue. There is a slight typo for the puppet6 repo in the puppetlabs repo snippet. To resolve the issue, you need to edit the snippet so that the line -

elsif host_param_true?(‘enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo’)
repo_name = ‘puppetlabs-release-puppet6’

reads this instead -

elsif host_param_true?(‘enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo’)
repo_name = ‘puppet-release’

As mentioned earlier you also need to include the enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo=true host parameter

@Josh88 Will you please post your entire puppet install section? I am sure will help myself and others. There is also a difference between your post repo_name = puppet-release and puppet6-release in last update above

Yeah sorry to confuse you, I didn’t see the comment from earlier with the new commit. I’ve tested both variations and they both work.

You should click on the preview section of the snippet and ensure that the URL to the puppet rpm is correct

@Josh88 so please post your template puppet section? thanks

Here is a copy of the snippet

No need to change anything on the puppet-repo template, only changes needed in the kickstart default to change this from false to true, enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo: boolean (default=true), and create host group parameter as so: enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo — boolean = true.
Working for me using Foreman 1.24 and Katello 3,14

Thank you for the reply the error is package not found when trying to install the puppet agent so I think the template is correct

<% if puppet_enabled %>
if host_param_true?(‘enable-puppetlabs-repo’)
repo_name = ‘puppetlabs-release’
repo_subdir = ‘’
elsif host_param_true?(‘enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo’)
repo_name = ‘puppet6-release’
repo_subdir = ‘puppet6/’
elsif host_param_true?(‘enable-puppetlabs-puppet5-repo’)
repo_name = ‘puppet5-release’
repo_subdir = ‘puppet5/’
<% end -%>strong text

You dont need to change anything on the puppetlabs-repo at least on foreman 1.24 to instal Puppet 6.
When you click on preview “puppetlabs-repo template” do you see the below?
rpm -Uvh

No I get this
rpm -Uvh

I am looking for where the bad rpm line is have not found yet

Oh ok epel does not seem to have puppet 6, this is from my local repo


Any idea where I change the rpm line , what template?


I guess it gets automatically when the repo is enabled.