Foreman 1.24.3 missing/broken OperatingSystem icons

In hostlist icons for Amazon Linux and CloudLinux OS are missing/broken (have broken/missimg html img tag)

Expected outcome:+
All icons visible or a placeholder for unknown/missing Operatingsystem images

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Ubuntu 16.04

Other relevant data:

Works here:


I guess this was fixed in Bug #30997: Operatingsystem icon returns always img_tag if OS familiy icon is missing - Foreman

Upgrade and you should be good.

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Is this fixed on 2.3 only or 1.24 too?
I’m running puppetserver version 2.8.1 and i afaik is not supported on 2.3.
Do you confirm?


The commit is in 2.3 and all other versions: Fixes #30997 - allow image_path in all cases · theforeman/foreman@70dab3f · GitHub

I haven’t checked but I don’t think so we have backported it. Go ahead and apply the change on your instance, it’s a really small one.