Foreman 1.3.1 bug fix release

We've released Foreman 1.3.1 with lots of bug fixes from the 1.3.0
feedback. Please see the release notes or redmine for all the details:

This release only contains updates to Foreman and the Foreman installer,
not the smart proxy or other projects.

==== Packages ====
From 1.3.0, only a package update is required. Please follow the
instructions in the manual:

We recommend running "foreman-rake db:migrate" after upgrading as a
minor DB migration was added in 1.3.1.

If you're using 1.2, please read the main upgrade notes for 1.3 to
prepare for the upgrade.

Package repos are available here: (component "1.3")

Tarballs available here:

==== Reporting issues ====
If you have any issues, please follow the usual support process and file
bugs in redmine.

Support information: Foreman :: Support
Foreman: Foreman

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering