Foreman 1.3 first installation

Hi all,

I'm trying to install/configure an OS deployment infrastructure. Objective
is to get a server hosting foreman and the puppetmaster on the same
machine, so I went with the default quickstart instruction
(Foreman :: Manual).
I installed the OS (RHEL6.3) and the puppet agent (3.3) manually, then
launched the foreman-installer.

The error appears at 99% during certificate generation : /usr/bin/puppet
cert --generate rinviteufrmn01.cegedim returned 23 instead of one of [0]

Is this a bug or I missed something ?
For information, I managed to bypass this error by deleting the
/var/lib/puppet/ssl and regenerating the keys with the specified command : /usr/bin/puppet
cert --generate rinviteufrmn01.cegedim
and relaunch foreman-installer. I
just hope it will not break anything…

I also have another error when I launch the puppet agent (either on the
formean server or on another device) : Execution of '/etc/puppet/node.rb
rinviteufrmn01.cegedim' returned 1:

If I restart the agent a second time, it runs smoothly and register in the
host page from the GUI.
Is it due to the previous manipulation or it it normal ?

The last question concern the ENC : How to apply class to all agent ? I
have to create a global hostgroup ? or there is another way ?
More globally, how do i apply modules to hosts now that the site.pp is no
more usable ? Having only one hostgroup available is really not enough…

Best regards