Foreman 1.3 RC2 is out

Hello all,

Foreman 1.3 RC2 has been released.

Key features:

  • Foreman CLI
  • Bare metal migration
  • Installer auto-registers smart-proxy
  • Compute resources and VNC/Spice
  • LDAP filtering
  • Host IP updating
  • New foreman-rake command
  • Plugins as RPM packages
  • API v2 improvements

Full release notes:

==== Packages ====
Package repos are available here: ("rc" component)

Quickstart instructions are here:

Tarballs available here:

==== Installation ====

There is a new installer for Foreman 1.3. Please for the RC1 release, provide
additional options to properly setup "rc" repositories:

foreman-installer --foreman-repo rc --foreman-proxy-repo rc -v

When using Puppet, set "repo" class parameters both in Foreman and ForemanProxy

The instructions above are still needed for RC2.

==== Known issues ====

** Proxy registration happens before Apache is started **

You may encounter failure during proxy registration (Foreman_smartproxy puppet
class). In that case, please re-run the installer and the error should

==== Reporting issues ====

Please report issues found in Foreman 1.3 in redmine and set "Target
Version" to 1.3 on new bugs.

Foreman: Foreman
Proxy: Foreman
Installer: Foreman

Existing bug reports are listed here:

The new foreman-debug script can be used to collect and provide information
about your setup, and the result attached to bug reports.

Many thanks for testing our release!

··· -- Later,

Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
irc: lzap #theforeman