Foreman*/1.7-stable created

I've started branching core repos for 1.7-stable, with a view to making
1.7.0-RC1 in around a week's time (probably more towards the end of next
week, due to my availability).

This should put us on track to have 1.7.0 out at the start of December,
three months after 1.6.0:

Apologies for not sending a reminder a couple of weeks ago, I've added
this to my docs to do next time.

Please carry on development as usual, but I'd appreciate any PRs that
I've tagged as 1.7.0 blockers getting some priority treatment, as they
fix regressions between major releases (ditto for the release field in

We've had a few regressions with the changes to URLs (friendly_id, UTF-8
support etc), but thanks to Shlomi for the PRs to fix those quickly.
It's something to keep an eye out for during the RC period.

I'm unsure if 1.6.3 will happen unless a security issue comes up, as the
number of issues assigned to it is small at the moment. 1.6 seems to
have been a particularly stable release, congratulations!

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering