Foreman 1.8.3 bug fix release

Foreman 1.8.3 has been released with half a dozen bug fixes. All
components have been updated.

This will probably be the last 1.8 series release due to the release of
1.9.0 yesterday, unless there is a severe security issue or a
significant number of regressions get fixed.

Full release notes are on the website here:

==== Upgrading ====
Fully supported with package upgrades from both 1.7 and 1.8. When
upgrading, follow these instructions:

If you're installing a new instance, follow the quickstart:

If you also want to upgrade to Debian 8 (Jessie), ensure you upgrade
your current installation to 1.8 before attempting the dist-upgrade. See
for more info.

Packages may be found in the 1.8 directories on both and, and tarballs are on

The GPG key used for RPMs and tarballs has the following fingerprint:
64E3 7B1F A6C0 2416 6B53 5495 28F5 A69D 225C 9B71
(Foreman :: Security)

Bug reporting

··· ============= If you come across a bug, please file it and note the version of Foreman that you're using in the report.

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Proxy: Foreman
Installer: Foreman

Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Engineering