Foreman 2.0.0 foreman-proxy-discovery booting, and failing

Created a two subnet scenario, one with foreman/foreman-proxy, and a second subnet with a foreman-proxy. see diagram.

The nodes on the container platform network boot into discovery and succeed being added.
The nodes on the storage network boot into discovery (from foreman proxy) and fail
See screenshot.


Expected outcome:
Nodes booting via the storage network foreman proxy should succeed discovery

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman v2.0.0
Foreman Proxy (on foreman VM) v2.0.0
Foreman Proxy (storage network) v2.0.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks v1.0.1
foreman_discovery v16.0.1
katello v3.15.0rc2

Distribution and version:
RHEL 7.8

Other relevant data:


the error tells the foreman.caas.kinglabs.local did not resolve properly. Check DNS.

DNS is served by the Foreman proxies, right?
If so, do the Foreman proxies IP addresses need to be defined in the subnet definitions for server discovery to work?


Well, yes and no.

By default, Foreman sets up a DNS authoritative zone for the domain you tell it to do. It is usually a different domain than Foreman is running in. The standard practice is to set --foreman-proxy-dns-forwarders option to the DNS that resolves Foreman itself.

However you are probably trying to put into a single domain, foreman, proxy, hosts. Then you will miss Foreman A/AAAA entry and you need to create it manually.

@ekohl is this “simple” scenario something our installer should handle? I see this quite often when users are having hard time figuring out why foreman itself don’t have A record.