Foreman 2.0 - unable to provision bond interface

In Foreman 2.0 i’m unable to provision server with multiple NICs
configured as bond interface. I’m unable to set all bonding slaves as “managed” interfaces. Outcome is that bonding interface is created but no slaves are configured.

Expected outcome:
Working bond interface on provisioned host.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 2.0.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.8

Other relevant data:

Has that changed comparing to older versions? IIRC interfaces are not configured if they are not set as “managed”. If you want to change that logic, you’ll need to edit provisioning templates.

In older version all interfaces participating in bonding had to have “managed” flag set in foreman configuration. Otherwise they were not configured in installation process.

In 2.0.0 i’m unable to set managed flag on more then one interface, which is bond interface and because of that creating working bond interface is impossible. I think it should work “out-of-box” like in older versions.

This looks like it’s related to Bug #29709: Foreman 2.0 - Managed Interfaces UI button problem - Foreman which will be in 2.0.1. Can you try testing the pull request connected to the issue and see if it resolves the issue for you?

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I can give it a try. I have question then, is there, a way to apply this fix to foreman installed from packages on centos? As far as i can see, i don’t have app/assets/ anymore, just public/assets.

Right, i forgot that we only ship the compiled assets. you could install the foreman-assets package which should include what’s needed for recompiling, but you’ll need to recompile everything, so unless this is a lab environment I would not recommend attempting to do that in a production environment.