Foreman 2.5.1 / Katello 4.1 - VMs switched to network boot

We have VMs that have been registered in Foreman/Katello (not necessarily created by Foreman/Katello) and every now and then upon rebooting them they get stuck on network boot when really the HD was the 1st boot item.
Is Foreman changing the Boot order for a VM without us knowing?

No, Foreman does not change bootorder. However the question is, did you by any chance converted host to managed? That could cause a record on TFTP being created for a given MAC. Also Foreman deploye default configuration on TFTP for servers it does not recognize. I think that defaults to boot from the first HDD. If your machines are configured to boot from network where Foreman’s managed DHCP runs, it could be the cause. I could then point you to find/modify the template