Foreman 3.4 upgrade - unable to change client lifecycle environment

Problem: Unable to change lifecycle environment after Foreman 3.4 upgrade from 3.3

Expected outcome: Client should be able to change LIfecycle environment

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.4

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: Remote Execution latest.

Distribution and version: RHEL 8.6

Other relevant data:

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@ekohl @wbclark , Updates please…

Your description is so short, that it’s really impossible to tell anything. Try a comprehensive description of the issue, what you do exactly, what happens exactly…

Hi @gvde , thank you for the quick reply and I apologize for the short description. Let me try to explain below.

We normally have the library default lifecycle environment under foreman by default. We opted to create 3 additional environments to have separation across lifecycle (DEV/VAL/PRD).

When we join a client to the foreman/katello for content management they are drop under LIbrary. After that we move the endpoint to the correct lifecycle environment (DEV/VAL/PRD) and promote content views accordingly to minimize risk.

Upon moving the client to a new lifecycle environment, the client is not able to move to a new lifecycle environment.

I try refreshing the client end via susbcription manager and it continues to reflect “library” instead of “DEV”. Under foreman the reference is fine as I checked and it shows “DEV”, but the client itself continues to shows library no matter what I do.

I even try unregistering and re-registering, no effect verything continues to stick with Library. Please provide a clue about this issue and this was working fine under 3.3, when I updated to 3.4 I encounter this issue.

Thank you for the support.

I am wondering if other running 3.4 are having this lifecycle environment issue, I try replicating this in my foreman DEV envrionment and I am observing the same issue with the endpoints…the lifecycles are not refreshing…I am optimistic for a work around or a permanent fix at this point. Thank you all.

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Sorry, but it’s still very cryptic what you write, e.g.

Doesn’t make any sense to me. What endpoint and what has moving an “endpoint” to do with promoting a content view.

Again, completely unclear. Can’t you change it in the GUI or do you change it in the GUI and it’s changed there but not on the client?

Please describe the issue precisely. There are GUI pages which you open, operations/configuration changes you can make there. Or do you use hammer?

hammer output of the host in question would help as well as the content of the redhat.repo file and output of subscription-manager identity would be extremely helpful instead of paraphrasing technical details…

Katello 4.6 hasn’t been released, yet, thus it is also very important to post the exact versions you are using. Do you really want to run the release candidate version?

Hi @gvde,
I made the adjustments in the GUI and it works as expected from that end, the issue is the client…it continues to point to “library”. I tried changing it in the GUI to “DEV/VAL/PRD” and when I do the subscription-manager refresh in the client it remains at “library”. I dont even see the certs getting refresh in the client either, I suspect something is up with this one.

Below find the output of subscription-manager identity:

 subscription-manager identity
system identity: edad8613-51c7-49f1-b94a-15b09f6b78db
name: client3827
org name: CU_Organization
org ID: CU_Organization
environment name: Library

I know that Katellos running on RC mode at this point is there an ETA when GA will hit or how far as we from that milestone? I am running the following versions of packages:


This is all my fault, I should have waited instead of upgrading, but thank you all for any input on this issue.

I believe this should be fixed with Fixes #35458 - Add environments param to candlepin update call by sjha4 · Pull Request #10273 · Katello/katello · GitHub which will land in Katello 4.6 GA.

Hi @jeremylenz , hoping this will be the fix when 4.6 GA hits…is there a way to implement this for now with a workaround?

The gem was just submitted today, so I’d say just wait at this point! Barring any issues, it’ll probably be out tomorrow.

Thank you @jeremylenz , much apreciated.

@jeremylenz , the code fix works…I have tested under my DEV environment…hopefully it will get push to master in the coming days. Thank you again for hitting it in the head ! Marking this as resolved.

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