Foreman 3.7 plugin retirement

Today we have various plugins packaged and I want to provide a list at Foreman landscape so it’s easy to see. While completing this list I’m wondering if we should retire some of the plugins in the Foreman 3.7 timeframe.


Repo: GitHub - theforeman/foreman_graphite: Send performance metrics to Graphite

Last commit was in 2015, but on the other hand it is really tiny and the ActiveSupport API it relies on appears to be unchanged. Still, I’m not sure anyone uses this and would nominate it for retirement.

Unless anyone objects I’d like to remove.


Repo: GitHub - joshuabaird/foreman_noenv: A Foreman plugin to allow Puppet agent's to specify their own environment

Last commit in 2016 and there are issues open:

These have been open since 2018 so it’s been broken for years by now. I don’t see any other option than removal here.


Repo: GitHub - theforeman/ovirt_provision_plugin: Foreman helper plugin for oVirt registration after bare-metal provisioning

Last commit in 2018. Looking at the source, it relies on puppetrun! which was dropped in:

So since has been broken since Foreman 2.2 and nobody reported anything so I doubt anyone still uses this.


Repo: GitHub - theforeman/foreman_vmwareannotations: Foreman Plugin to set a VMWare host's comment as an annotation for the VM.

Last commit was in 2018. It is very tiny, but that just makes me wonder if we shouldn’t include it in core.

For now my recommendation is to retire the plugin.


Repo: GitHub - ianballou/foreman_m2: M2 Foreman Plugin

Last commit was in 2018 and is marked as work in progress.

@iballou should be able to say for sure, but I think we can retire this.

@ekohl we can definitely retire the M2 plugin, that was a fun experiment :slight_smile:

I’ve also merged the removal of foreman_noenv and ovirt-provision-plugin.

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