Foreman across vpn

hello, suppose we have two sites , site A with network and a site B with network In site A exists a foreman server with ip, both sites can see each other via ipsec VPN.

What are the steps required to provision a machine in site B with the foreman installed in site A? I suppose that i need to add the new network in foreman as disclosed in Foreman :: Adding new subnet for provisioning but i don’wn known if there exists more steps required

It depends on your network and installation method.

If you relay DHCP for PXE from site B to A, no further step required.

If you need a separate DHCP and TFTP server in site B, I recommend installing a Smart Proxy in site B providing these features and connect it to Foreman in site A.

If using static network config, I would say also no further steps needed.

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What Dirk said, also what you mean by provisioning? Is that PXE booting? Image-based VMs or cloud? Foreman can integrate with lots of things. But typical use case is PXE and then you need to deploy a smart proxy on your site B.