Foreman and katello install using the modules from github/theforeman


Need some help installing foreman/katello using the puppet modules from github rather installing from foreman-installer.

Please provide me the steps I can use.

Using the installer puppet modules directly instead of through the installer is an advanced use case that is generally unsupported - you should only do that if you really know what you are doing.
Why are you not able to use the installer?

Hi tbrisker,

The scenario is that currently I have an Centos 7 system which is part of the development team ISO.
This system already has Foreman 1.22.2 and katello 3.12.3.
There is packages incorporated and there is also drbd (distributed replicated block device) and the puppet is using /drbd/etc/puppetlab/code/environments/production with foreman and katello modules under this directory.
Now i want to remove the Foreman 1.22.2 and katello 3.12.3 and I want to install foreman 2.5, katello 4.1 instead.
The system I am working is a test environment machine with limited internet service.
How ever I am able to map the local repository for puppet/foreman/katello etc etc.

i hope you can shade some light and advise me how about doing it this way?

OR Is there a way i can use foreman-installer, installing on /drbd/etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/module/

Has there ever been any progress for this?

It seems weird to be that these modules would exist and be published to Puppet Forge and all without there being proper documentation on how to get it running directly.